#blackandwhiteeast / #blackandwhitewest

I reside in both NYC and Portland Oregon. In NYC I started an instagram project documenting the east in Black and White: #blackandwhitenyc

The observances concentrate on the people traveling the cites : subway, train, bus, foot, bike…as well as some “cityscapes”. The unifying theme being the shift experienced when these images are viewed in the somewhat “timelessness” of a monochromatic lens.

I continue the project when in Oregon and have been shooting as I live and travel back and forth and in between these two places on opposite ends of the country. 

This project is inspired by the work of some of my earliest exposure to photojournalism and documentary by mentors and influences such as  Bruce Davidson, Robert Frank, Gary Winograd, Larry Fink, and Henri Cartier Bresson.  

Please take a look at the instagram feed... and please FoLLoW https://www.instagram.com/lisabausophoto/
— Lisa Bauso